I’m Kimber Kay Morin. I’m hoping to meet you!

We have so much in common, don’t you think? You are a go-getter, a planner, a facilitator of dreams. It’s hard to get your business off the ground while being grabbed around the ankles by your precious crumb-crunchers. You just need a few hours here and there without distractions and interruptions. Preferrably not in your own home, where piles of laundry and dirty dishes judge you silently about not getting them done right this minute.

This sounds like it could turn into a win-win situation. I am a former K-8 certified teacher, with a Master’s degree in Education, who homeschools her own crumb-crunchers 3 days a week. I have been a backup babysitter supporting my working friends for years. I enjoyed the flexibility of only working sometimes, and a little extra cash was always good.

Now, I am a partner of She Works Here.

I have known Beth for years, and been her backup babysitter. There are references available, but as a former teacher, I have had a background check, my fingerprints are on file with the state, I have taken First Aid and CPR classes, and I have studied Early Childhood Development. I bake cookies from scratch and I sew quilts as gifts. I have a garden in the front yard, and raise chickens in the back. I do CrossFit 3x a week, but still manage to wear plus-size clothing. I have an Instant Pot and I know how to use it! I’m the whole package!

My children are 10, 8 and 5. We don’t have video games. My TV is old, and the only channel we watch is PBSKids. I let them play outside a lot, do crafts inside, or let their imagination take them somewhere new.  We read books. I don’t hover, I give them space. My husband works swing shift, so mornings are family time for us.

I believe in supply and demand. Initially I will be available for babysitting Monday thru Friday, 10am-2pm, in my home. As demand grows, I will expand hours and possibly location.

Contact Me To Learn About My Rates & Schedule an “Interview” to see if I am the right fit for you and your childcare needs!