The Art of Saying No with Kristin Tetlow


May 16


05:00 pm - 07:00 pm


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123 N Centennial Way Suite 150

Mesa, AZ, United States, 85201

Saying YES can be an amazing exercise, but that yes can be keeping you from a lot of things:

It can keep you from meeting your own needs.
It can keep you from living by your own core values.
It can keep you from being in touch with your own feelings.

When you are not in touch with your core values, feelings or needs, you are left stressed out and confused as to why you aren’t happy, and are disconnected from yourself and your family.

There’s something missing, and you can’t put you finger on it.

And that’s where NO comes in – NO is a gift that helps protect your needs, feelings and core values.

No is a gift that only YOU can give yourself. No one else can give you that gift.

Join Certified Professional Coach, Kristin Tetlow, to discover how to protect YOUR core values, feelings & needs with this one simple word, to connect with others who are also ready to create their happier life.